LED X_Ray_Film_view_box

LED X Ray Film View Box

Keeping the needs of doctors in mind along with the continuously changing demands of hospitals And Nursing homes, we have developed a sleek and effective L.E.D Viewing system to view M.R.I, C.T. and X-Ray images. Ameya enterprises offers a range of Single screen, Double Screen, Three screen, Four screen viewers.

We Offer a combination of benefits that is unmatched by our competition:reliability, distinctive product line designed to match your requirements, technical support for layouts, excellent service & stunning looks.

Keeping the needs of Oncologists and Radiologists in Mind, we have developed a sleek & effective LED viewing system to view Mammography film images which comes with an option of a sliding magnifying glass.

   - Slim, Durable and Effective
   - Energy Efficient: Savings range from 82% to 93%
   - No UV emission
   - Unparallel latest LED back light technology. 4-5 times longer than regular CCFL/EEFL
   - Power efficient. LED Light with long life- upto 100,000 hours
   - Reliable Magnetic nipper
   - Initial brightness can be set
   - Film activated switch, automatic shutdown if no film inside for 2 sec
   - 12 step digital dimmer to get the perfect brightness